From pre-construction to completion and beyond, our team works as a partner with our clients to complete their projects on time and within budget while adhering to the strictest quality guidelines.

Our services can be provided in many forms to suit our clients' needs including:

Pre-Construction and Design Phase

Once a construction budget has been established, Cord Construction works closely with the client and the design team to develop an optimal cost and scheduling framework. As design progresses, the client has the opportunity to review costs and make crucial decisions affecting the project.

The professionals at Cord Construction rely on their diverse experience to identify and address the economic and scheduling issues of a project – this allows Cord Construction to address potential problems early on in the process.

One Point of Contact

Cord Construction emphasizes a single source of responsibility from the project conception to completion. Each of our projects has a highly skilled project manager, who assumes full responsibility for the project from beginning to end. This provides the client with direct access to a single key decision maker, who is responsible for monitoring costs and progress while providing continuity throughout the project.

Technology Advantage

At Cord Construction, we use state-of-the-art computer-assisted estimating, scheduling, information, safety and cost management systems. These systems are continuously updated throughout the project and provide real-time access for our team and the client to requests for changes, cost estimates, cash flow, materials, schedules and subcontractors.

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